People are talking...

“Don has a style in working with people that causes them to accept embracing change & modifying their behaviors..all with a positive approach.”


“Don’s creative approaches to Customer Service & Marketing are with out a doubt the most effective we have ever experienced. Where does he come up with this stuff?”

“By the time Don got through with us everyone of us shifted into a higher gear with a laser-like focus on what we needed to do!”

“I’ve never seen anybody get in front of a room full of Managers & with a no-holds-barred approach, point out how far from effective Managing we have drifted & what the new plan should be…and we actually thanked him for it.”

“Amazing!!! Don piloted us through a grinding 2 days developing our Strategic Plan & surprisingly everybody felt so good about punching through & building it together…knowing that everything had ACTION attached to it. We are now in command of our future…nice work, Don!”